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Remote Assisted Diagnostics Expert

RADE Diagnostics

RADE is brand new technology developed to change the capabilities and level of vehicle repair which enters every vehicle repair workshop

RADE gives every workshop the enhanced abilities they could ever wish for without having to be all the extremely complex and expensive equipment which is required to carryout diagnostics and repairs on today’s modern vehicles.

Vehicles enter workshops now with all kinds of problems and technicians are now seeing an increasing number of repairs that can only be completed by means of a software fix.

RADE now gives this level of functionality to all technicians to complete the job they started without having to send the vehicle to a manufacturer or specialist top carryout coding/ programming or adaption of a component on a vehicle.

RADE gives you dealer level access on a pay as you require system. Our starting package is very affordable for all workshops and when you need to use it you just pay the price for the required function which is displayed to you on the software before a remote connection is made to your vehicle by our technical team

Do you want to bring your workshop capabilities to the next level and be able to diagnose, repair and complete every vehicle that comes through your doors but cannot justify the expense of all the enhanced and complicated dealer level diagnostic equipment that is required to give you this?

Another problem for technicians when trying to cover many manufacturers of vehicles in your workshops is the dealer level equipment is al very different in its setup and its use and advanced training is required per manufacturers equipment

Are you turning work away from your workshop as your unable to complete the job because of any of the following functions needed to be carried out?

  • Key Programming
  • Immobiliser programming
  • ECU Replacement
  • Software Updates
  • SCN Coding
  • Coding of a new or used control unit
  • Coding of a steering lock
  • Component Protection on a control unit fitted
  • Advanced service data reset
  • ADAS Calibrations
  • Adaption of new components
  • SCR System adaptions
  • Writing service history to a vehicle (BMW)
  • Parking brake replacement
  • Retrofitting systems (Towbar, Cruise Control, Park Assist etc.)

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the level of access and functionality we have developed for you

At EC Diagnostics we have developed the answer to all these problems and many more for you

We have this package developed that consists of a diagnostic interface and a tablet which requires no training to use and no complications, basically you just plug the interface in to the vehicle, select your vehicle and select the job you want carried out on your vehicle.

All functions are listed on the software and the price of each function is displayed to you before any work is done or we are connected to the vehicle

When you are happy with the function you have selected and the price of the job once you accept the terms a ticket is created on our server.

From there one our technical staff are waiting to carryout this job for you and your job is done from here. We can from here through our network server connect from our technical assistance team to your interface and carryout any programming on any vehicle at any time for you.

Our experienced and highly skilled staff are waiting on hand to connect to your required vehicle and get your vehicle programmed so you can turn the vehicle repair around in minimum time and not be relying on outsourcing the function required on the vehicle to a specialist or dealer.

This new technology is the first of its kind and is the first of its kind to hit our markets and is essential going forward for workshops to be able to deal with the level of software required in the everyday repair of today’s modern vehicles

We also offer many more features on our software apart from programming such as:

  • Diagnostic Assistance
  • Radio code retrieval
  • Injector Coding
  • EGR Resets
  • DPF Resets
  • All Vehicle adaptions
  • Sourcing ECU replacement
  • Wiring diagram request
  • Adblue Systems Reset and programming
  • Order Replacement key
  • Navigation maps update activation
  • Speed Limiter set/ removal

Our Diagnostic assistance gives technicians the level of back up support to confidently diagnose a vehicle correctly first time around

With this function our highly qualified technical team can remotely dial into your vehicle and carryout a dealer level diagnosis on the vehicle and advise you of the fault on your vehicle if you are having trouble doing so.

If further manual testing is required and you need technical info or a wiring diagram, we can obtain this data for you and email it to you for your further diagnostics

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