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Special Procedures & Common Faults


Here are some typical examples of procedures that we currently carryout that are common problems with vehicles and can cost a lot of money and cannot even be done by your main dealers but we can carryout professionally for a keen price.

Mercedes Sprinter Start Error

If you have a Mercedes Sprinter/Vito and have a warning message saying “START ERROR” and your vehicle won’t start. If you bring this to your Mercedes dealer they will have to fit a new Engine ECU and Immobiliser module which will cost a lot of money. However, at EC Auto Diagnostics, we have a one-off lifetime repair procedure for your existing Immobiliser system which we carryout at a fraction of the price it would cost you at the main dealer.

Mercedes Ignition Keys/ EIS Unit Repair

If you have a Mercedes car and you car will no longer start, key won’t turn in the ignition and you bring this to your Mercedes dealer they will have to fit a new EIS Unit and Ignition keys which will cost a lot of money. We can repair your EIS unit, make a new key if necessary and programme it to your vehicle to get you back on the road immediately at a very keen price.

Mercedes ABS Controller/ SBC Unit Failure

If you have a Mercedes with ABS or DSC warning errors on the dash and you’ve been told you need a new ABS pump/ SBC Pump this is a costly item. But, we can repair and reprogramme your SBC Unit and get your car back functioning correctly at a very keen price.

BMW CAS Module

If you have a BMW and you’ve been told your CAS (Immobiliser) module has failed this can be a costly fix and it will take your main dealer 1 week to get you in a new module. Here we can either repair your CAS Module or take yours and supply you with a cas module and we can programme it for your car without seeing your vehicle and programme your keys to the vehicle so you can just install your new module and drive off.

Ford Focus/ Mondeo Dashboard Faulty

If you have a Ford Focus, Mondeo or other model and your dash clock appears to be acting strange, dials or warning lights going on and off/mileage display dissappearing/ inrtermittently not starting, you will be told you need a new dashclock and need to get it programmed to the car. But, we can take your dash and repair it so you just plug it back back into your vehicle and drive away.

Peugeot/Citroen BSI Module Swapping

If you have any Peugeot or Citroen vehicle and you’ve been told your BSI unit is faulty you know this is an expensive fix. A main dealer will tell you a second hand unit cannot be fitted to the vehicle. Symptoms of this BSI failure can be non starting, electric windows, locks or lights acting erratic. We can take a second hand BSI unit and virginise it and program it into your vehicle as if it was a new unit and get you back on the road for a fraction of the price of your dealer.

Toyota Lost Keys Problem

In most Toyota vehicles if you lose your keys the Toyota dealer cannot programme in a new key to your vehicle without replacing the Engine ECU, Immoboiliser ECU and keys set which costs an extremely big amount of money. Here, we can supply and program one single key to your vehicle to get you up and running without having to replace the other control units in the car and at a fraction of the cost.

These are just some of the common hard sought after repairs that
we carryout for many garages around the country.

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